“Expo Statistical Profile and Analysis”

Part A

Death Rate

The graph being indicated here is about death rate in United Kingdom. Over the passing years, a steady drop is visible, yet even so comapared to the world average, it is still a little too high. The death rate may be a little high due to reasons such as terrorism in United Kingdom, such as the Irish Republican Army, or it may simply be due to a small population of United Kingdom.

Death rate result

 Death rate

Birth Rate

This graph is about the birth rate in United Kingdom. Compared to the rest of the world, the birth rate for United Kingdom is nothing in short of big. It  comapares itself to other Western European nations, such as Germany, France, Spain, etc . Compared to the world average, it is around twice as low.

Birth Rate - Graph

Birth Rate in UK (Per every 1000 births)



Population in United Kingdom

 The graph that is being indicated is the population in United Kingdom from the year 1999 to the year 2004. The graph mainly tells that there isn’t a big difference in the difference of the population in United Kingdom.  Over the past five years, not much progress has been done over the poulation increase, compared to other countries.


GDP (gross domestic product), is also known as GDL (gross domestic income.) It is the totalvalue of all the goods and services produced in a country, except for incme received from abroad. The bar graph shows that UK is way higher than Philippines, marking $1,429,665 million while Philippines makes $71, 382 millions. I think GDP of UK is very higher than Philippines because in United Kingdom, the economic developed a lot and also there are a lot of citizens in there. UK got 6th in ranking of world GDP.

GDP per capita
GDP per capita is the gross domestic product divided by the population. Though UK has an extremely high population, it is still more than Philippines. I guess that UK has extremely high level of economic than the Philippines.

Total fertility
Total fertility is the quantity of children a woman bears. UK has a lower fertility rate, it’s because the Philippines is a catholic nation and they don’t use birth control. In UK most of people are Protestant so the birth control is used very often.

Land Area

Land area is the size of land that makes up the country.Philippine is a little bit higher than UK. The UK has 242,900square km of land area, while Philippine has 300,000square km. I don’t really know why Philippine has more surface area than UK.

Forested Area
The forested area is an area with a high density of trees.
There is 19.4% of forested area in Philippines because Philippine is a tropical forests and near equator which means the trees will grow than close to the North Pole.(UK has 11.6% of forested area.)

Water consumption per capita
Water consumption per capita is an indicator of the pressure of human demand on water resources. Philippine has extremely high water consumed compared to UK. Philippine is a tropical island, which means near equator. Water is a very important natural resource and if Philippine keeps on using big amount of water for everyday, they could have a problem in the future.

The graphs are from :Infonation Advanced

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